Expression Blend 2.5 is now Blend 2.0 SP1

With the release of RCO of Silverlight 2, there has been many questions as to Expression Blend.  In the past, we have been using Expression Blend 2.5 Preview June 2008.  However, with the release of Silverlight 2 RCO, we are indicated to download Blend 2.0 RC1.  The question then arises, “what happened to 2.5?”  Here is the response from Scottgu:

“Rather than give it a new version string (and force existing users to upgrade to a new version), we decided to release the functionality using a service pack for the existing shipping product. All the functionality that was in previous Blend 2.5 builds is now included in SP1.”

So there you have it, Blend 2.5 is no more, and instead you should be using Blend 2.0 SP1 to build your Silverlight 2 apps!

Now go light up your web.


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