Santa IPhone… Here is my Christmas List

With the IPhone, there is not that much that I really want.  However, there are two things that I REALLY want.  First… I WANT TO DEVELOP FREAKIN’ IPHONE APPS ON MY PC!  I would love to be able to write IPhone apps, but I make my living as a Microsoft .NET developer, there is no way in heck that they are going to “convert” me using the IPhone.  They should be jumping in joy in my first ever Apple purchase.  Now support me in my desire to build applications for THEIR PHONE, helping them get MORE users of THEIR PHONE.

Secondly… I want Silverlight to run on the IPhone.  If they give me this, then I will be fine with not having the first one.  🙂  Because I will just write my apps in Silverlight.  The issue I see here is that they like their little monopoly called the AppStore, and if they enable Silverlight, then that will allow applications to be built outside the AppStore.

I don’t think I will get either for Christmas… oh well.  🙂  I still can ask eh?


One Response to “Santa IPhone… Here is my Christmas List”

  1. Jim Says:

    Actually, when the phone 1st came out the way to develop apps for the iPhone was to write web apps. There was no other way to develop for the phone other than freely on the web (so, yes, they like the AppStore, but that’s not really the reason you can’t develop on Windows).

    2ndly, you have to remember that while Apple pushes the limits of technology (the iPhone was very revolutionary in the all touch screen based interface), they are actually very slow to adopt to new technologies (how long have we had cell phones???). So while you might want silverlight, you will probably have to wait for that or push for M$ to put some way of running silverlight apps on the phone for you.

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