ScreenCaptures in Mac

The last two weeks I have been adapting to my new MacBook Pro.  I am running Vista x64 Ultimate in BootCamp and VMWare Fusion 2.  I run it in Unity, so I run my MacOS applications next to my Vista applications such as Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Word 2007.  (I use 2007 instead of Mac’s version of Word, because Word 2008 for the Mac SUCKS royally).  Anyway, for my book I need to be able to take screencaptures.  I can either take screencaptures from the PC, but I figured, why not just take screencaptures through MacOS.  So I learned that you can take a screenshot of a given window by pressing: COMMAND + SHIFT + 4, then SPACE, then click on the window to capture.  That saves the windows screencapture to the desktop.  However, it saves it as a PNG, which will not do for publishing. So needed to save as TIFF instead.  To do that, from a Terminal window in MacOS I type the following command:

defaults write type tiff
killall SystemUIServer

Now, when it saves the screencaptures it saves them in TIFF format.  Pretty nice!

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