Google Chrome: Big Brother Is Right, and IP bullies too

Today I saw a tweet that alerted me to the Google Chrome EULA.  I too just glossed over it and didn’t think a thing about it.  However, here is a post by an attorney who, and I quote, states: “Until Gooble scales this [EULA] back, I will NOT be using Chrome.”  Basically, in a nutshell, Google , without your consent or without paying you a dime, can use anything you post to the Internet using Chrome for whatever they wish.  Including the sale of the information to other companies, etc.  In addition, by accepting the EULA, you are indicating that you have the RIGHT to allow Google to do this.

This is the second big smack to Chrome.  The first was the humorous incognito browsing.  You can browse incognito, but we will still collect information about where you are going and doing for our advertisting purposes.  Big Brother is watching you.

Here is the full EULA Post

Hat Tip: Tim Heuer